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2000-08-14 14:33:35
Published by: Mikkopa
Netissä on jo jonkin aikaa ollut pystyssä tiuhaan päivittyvä ja asenteella tehty skedesaitti. venytteli pitkiä lonkeroitaan ja haastatteli Antixin Art Director Mackenzie Eisenhouria.

If You could just give some general info on the site. eg. how it came to be
and stuff like that
... has been online for about four months now. The company itself is about a year old. Essentialy, Antix was a concept developed by the key players in the skateboard industry (Owners of World Industries, Blind, Deca, Birdhouse, DC shoes, Tum Yeto, Santa Cruz, Alien Workshop, New Deal, Black Label, Element, etc) as a response to multi-million  dollar companies like ESPN (EXPN) and FOX (BlueTorch) infiltrating skateboarding via the internet.  

1. What kind of workforce do You have? Do You guys do this full time or
what? has about 11 full time employees and a number of other independent contracters (filmers, photographers, writers, etcŠ) working on job to job basis.

2. What kind of work hierarchy does have. Whose the main chief
over there?

Much like the army, has a strict hierarchy and chain of command. The main chief is generally the person who wins at golf or who has the nicest car.

3. You seem to have a really active site, is there money just pouring in to
help it make so? who sponsors the site anyway?

Money is falling from the sky. No, actually runs on minimal funding and is more of a grass roots operation then say or is run by skateboarders and funded accordingly. If the site is active it is because we are excited about the work we are doing. (For sponsors see above).

4. Is there a motto or a saying that you can use to describe the nature of
the site?

Our motto is: "Never spend a nickel on food when you could get laid for a dime".

5. What do you hope to do different compared to normal magazines & already
established web sites, such as & and are basically information based sites meaning they simply present data (competition results, pros sponsors, etc) rather than create their own voice. is primarily concerned with entertaining skateboarders rather than helping little kids find a skatepark in Kansas. In my opinion all the other sites are boring and childish.

6. How many hits do You currently score per month? Any goals? Are You guys
planning to test the limits of decency like BigBrother?

Our audience has continued to grow steadily since our launch. Our goal is to enslave the entire world. We have worked with Big Brother in the past and will do so in the future. We plan to test the limits of decency next summer in Finland. I hear the girls are hot.

7. How large do you think can grow?

We are planning to buy next month and hope to own most of MSN by the end of the year. We already own Scandinavia. Loppu.

Thanks Mackenzie. Kuten näkyy Antixilla on todellakin setit kunnossa ja kurssit noususssa. Joten tsekatkaa

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