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2000-08-24 00:03:03
Sain tämän postin eräältä taholta, enkä epäröinyt hetkeäkään laittaa sitä nolla.nettiin.

Sori että tämä on englanniksi, jos ette ymmärrä niin pyytäkää kaverianne Suomentamaan. Tämä kertoo jotain suhtautumisesta skeittaukseen, sekä suurista riistoyhtiöistä. Pistäkää tietoa eteenpäin, ja jos vaan pystytte vaikuttamaan niin tehkää se.

From: **** ******* <*******
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 09:52:19 -0700

hope you are good !
Here is something very interesting for you and all of the Worldwide Skate community.
It appears that the powers that be at NIKE (Worldwide) are in the process of building a anti Skateboarder campaign. Pete Helicar CEO of Unabomber Skateboards was approached by `Radical Media ' (nuff said already ), an agency representing NIKE about working on a new WORLDWIDE campaign commercial. A great chance to advertise the skills of Unabomber's skaters you would think. Pete put forward Vaughan Baker, a great all round choice and star of a recent SLAP cover and Sidewalk Surfer interview.

Wheels were set in motion ( sic) and Pete met up with the director last Saturday to go thru with him the storyboard and look for suitable location to Film from.

This is where the shit hits the fan !
You will not believe the script, it is blatently anti Skateboarding, there is no grey area for ambiguity at all.

The transcript is as below and we have the original scripts for perusal.

here we go.

Title. ....Gladiator

Open on a crowded city sidewalk. Its early morning. People are everywhere, going about their daily routine.

We see a skateboarder making his way thru a mass of people. He narrowly misses bumping into a small women. He swerves jumps off the curb, flips his board back up onto the sidewalk and continues on his way.

Suddenly, an enormous Roman Gladiator emerges from the crowd, and he's directly in the path of the Kid. The Gladiator is dressed in full battle regalia complete wuth a massive sword and shint shield ( and shiny Nike logo we presume !! )

With a frightening growl , he lunges at the kid.

The kid ducks , barely eluding the Gladiators sword. He quickly turns down a sidestreet with the gladiator in full pursuit.

In an alley now , the kid launches off a loading dock , landing erfectly next to a row of trash dumpsters. The gladiator follows , running on top of the dumpsters just above the kid , then leaps down to cut him off.

The kid slides his board to a stop. The gladiator faces the kid and swings his sword . The kid leaps and the sword misses him , passing between the kids feet and his skateboard. The kid lands perfectly back on his board , then Flips it up catches it and uses it as a shield to block another giant swing from the gladiators sword.

We then see a rapid series of cuts as the kid uses his skills to avoid the gladiator. He does a 360, an ollie. Then a frontside heel flip.

Finally the two adversaries find themselves face to face. Close ups of both of them tell us how it is. The moment of truth . The kid confidently chomps on his gum and confidently blows a bubble.


We see the gum hit the pavement, bubble intact.

Super : Why Sport ?

Super: You may run into a skateboarder.

Super: Swoosh/ Just do it.


The strapline is unbelievable ! Why kill him ? Because he's a skateboarder!

Obviously , being the passionate types that they are , Pete Helicar and Vaughan Baker told them where to go ( Turning down $9000 a day, God bless em') ) Pete actually hung out all day with this Director just so he could ween info out of the guy as to the details of the story. The script is only a part of the kind of nasty ideas that the director had, this guy sounds like Mr Burns from the Simpsons. Its hard to believe what they are up to with this.

Nike are definately feeling it at the moment, their Sales are well down and getting less.They have been recieving bad press about work practices and human rights. The 21st Century will see a further decline in conventional sports participation and the maturing of alternatives, the leading and most influential category being Skateboarding.

They have tried to muscle a way into alternative `Sports' but with little success. The rise in popularity of the Skate shoe Brands must be a thorn in their one world order side, and with folks like Sole Tech ( can't wait til Don Brown sees this ) and Circa, DVS, DC etc out there bringing in new technologies in shoe construction and turning styles in that are superior, they must be wondering what is going on. Unfortunately for NIKE the last people they should have invovled is UNABOMBER.

Oh dear !!!!
What we all need to do is get going on this and email it to as many recipients as possible.

We need to get this out in the open. Nike have more money than some ( most ) Countries and in a ever more Global economy have incredible powers , not just legal.

WE have this brief in writing. A lot of skaters wear nikes as a chill shoes, maybe its time to end that. They cannot have the cake and eat it.

I have got a feeling that they will regret this. Skateboarding has always been a very communicative pursuit and a very high percentage have access to computers.

Please pass this on to as many people as possible and lets use this great tool , the internet, to show Nike that we are watching.

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